Why Maldivian movies suck so bad -.-*

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Maldivians tend to do so little research on stuff b4 they do anything, they just use their instinct. And most times it sux..
In most of Maldivian movies the image wud be square, and this makes it look really bad. Instead if they use a panoama as in wide screen image, it would look very realistic and much beautiful, because to the human eye we see a panorama image.
Plus the Color grading sux, as in i don’t think they even started color grading before heyla, they used 2 think it was all in the lighting. Brave amateurs, they do their part.. hehe

I wonder WTF is in the mind of the people who do lighting for most of the Maldivian movies.. o.o Green light from right side, blue light from up, pink light from left, blue light from back..?? wtf is this.. o.o and to put the cherry on top of the ice cream.. they finally fill the whole image with a big flood light staring straight at the actors.. making such a huge shadow in the bg and also over exposing the lighting making it extra fake than it already is.
And the Directors in the field are very old, as in they don’t even care about the acting as long as the actors are over dramatic in acting.. this way the director cant say to the producer that they aren’t acting. And these old bums like tedry make the same ol love crap over n over again..
Sigh* y rnt they experimenting or trying something new!!
They have the equipment and they dunno wat 2 do with it.. sigh* wat a waste..
Its like, they build a boat, and it sinks due to using for so many times.. and they build another new ship and when they make a new ship o.o they use it ‘again’ and ‘again’ till it sinks too..
Try something new idiots!! don’t keep on doing the same thing over n over n over again.. pfft..


Geathering Ideas here..

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We are creating a concept for a horror flick, and we are collecting scary stuff.. to add to the visuals and concept..
The Concept is like a series of events so anything could happen including unexplainable events and sightings..
so far we have jinni’s, ghost, vigani, dark unexplainable figures, beasts, demonic behavior, possession, fanditha, insects and bugs, unexplainable weathers inculding storms and stuff.. scary sceneries..

so if any1 out there could contribute wat they think could be scary.. will be a great help for us in making this better…


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30th May 2006.. a date which i will never forget.. -.-.. scared me 2 shitt dat night o.o
Remembering a year since the Corvette accident. The accident which changed alot in the community, and a bad memory for myself. Wish something like that would never happen again.
After the accident broke out, many people started out rumors n stuff.. so i created a post devoted to jz dat on my previous blog.. http://www.pixelfuck.blogspot.com/ check it out for the article on what really happnd on that dawn.

powerpuffgirls the manga -.-“

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potentially & reality

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Youngest son: “Tell me daddy, wats the difference between ‘ Potentially’ and ‘Reality’”?
Dad: “I will show you”
Dad turns to his wife and asks her: “Would you sleep with Ryan Phillipe for 1 million dollars”?
Wife: “Yes of course! I would never waste such an opportunity”!

Then Dad asks his daughter, if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for 1 Million dollars?
Daughter: “Wow! Yes! He is my fantasy!”

So Dad turns to his elder son and asks him: “Would you sleep with, Tom Cruise for 1 million dollars”?
Elder Son: “Yeah! Why not? Imagine what I could do with 1 million Dollars! I would never hesitate!”

So the father turns back to his younger son saying: You see son, ‘Potentially’ we are sitting on 3 million dollars, but in ‘Reality’ we are living with 2 prostitutes and 1 gay.

scary girl concept

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um tryn to cook up some images for a horror story.. 1st draft concepts.. still working

Maldives Aims to Boost Film Industry??

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The Maldivian Government is reportedly taking steps to create more cinemas in the Maldives and promote film production across the country.

The announcement, printed in the Sri Lanka Daily Mirror, follows last week’s Maldivian Film Festival at which award-winning film star Sanath Gunathilaka announced that the Maldivian film industry is in need of some improvement.

Gunathilaka said that he believed filmmakers in the Maldives were motivated, but that they lacked originality.

“Maladivian filmmakers are influenced by popular cinema, almost addicted to Indian film styles,” said Gunathilaka. “But I advised them, in my capacity, that though popular cinema is crucial for a movie industry, it should also strive to create its own identity.”

“They have big plans for the future,” Gunathilaka went on to say about Maldivian filmmakers, “and their motives seem to be genuine. I hope they will emerge as a force to reckon with soon.”

According to the Sri Lanka Daily Mirror, the Maldivian Government has been trying to encourage foreign film companies to shoot on location in the Maldives. It has even been reported that foreign companies that choose to shoot in the country will be given free access in order to boost the industry.

In addition to the financial benefits this would bring to the Maldives, it is also hoped that the technical expertise of the foreign crews would be shared with the local film community.

Besides attracting foreign film companies to its shores, the Maldives is also planning to host other film festivals, including one representing the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries soon.

The above article was originally presented by minivan news.

My opinion,
Maldives also has potentially great films to come. The problem is that the current filmmakers in the field are holding on to facts for far too long. They never test or experiment anything, because most of the filmmakers in the field are there for the money and in the Maldives, the producers do not fund in great sums of money, so that the most of the movies have to be low budget. Adding to this, they tend to keep movies on stories on what they seem to think will be big pay.

The govt also finances the courses given by School of the Arts; aka the Maldivian filmmakers acedemy o.o where in the School of the arts, they teach the students old stories made by the old filmmakers and remaking scenes from them which is again giving them no chance for originality. Student films are supposed to be made by students on their own ideas.

The Maldivian filmmakers need to change their attitude on giving a chance for possibilities thus experimenting and trying at things where they haven’t tried yet. Surely yet there have been some attempts lately, take heyla for example.

Most of the Filmmakers currently in the field are now giving a really bad name because of the lack of originality and improvement during the past couple of years, and yet people like tedry seem to be too proud off to as in change any of it.

see some of the comments given by locals to a public announcement

“Amaanai” Dominates – Third National Film Awards!

  • Sun 4th March 2007, 3:18 pm

Third National Film Awards a special night for Mohamed Niyaz, aka Tedry… The film, “Amaanai” dominated the show taking away a majority of the awards, including the best film award, and best director, Mahudy Ahmed.

Seezan went home with the best actor award for his role in “Hiiy Edhenee”. While Jamsheeda got the best actress award for “Amaanai”.

Mohamed Niyaz (Tedry) gives his accpetance speech after receiving one of the many awards ‘Amaanaiy’ won at the 3rd National Film Awards



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  • At 4:31 pm on Sun 4th March 2007,
  • Lord Take Me Now! wrote:

Amaanaaiy was crap so are all the Maldivian the so called Mollywood movies..Tedry got all the awards for copying a well done Hindhi Movie while Seesan got Best Actor award for probably performing better than the leading actor in Hiy Edhenee’s Hindhi version! Saabahey Saabahey!


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  • At 1:13 am on Mon 5th March 2007,
  • blueprint wrote:

National film awards to fakes? What are we doing, encouraging our film makers to copy other people’s works? And now the copycats are fighting for their rights. Wonder who’s right are they talking about.


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  • At 8:02 am on Mon 5th March 2007,
  • screamer wrote:

Lord Take Me Now! and blueprint, what crap y’all talking about? Have y’all not watched the recent Oscar awards last month? Which film won best picture? Which film bagged most Oscars? Here’s the answer: The Departed. Didn’t y’all know that film’s a remake of Hong Kong hit Infernal Affairs? In Hollywood or other parts of major film making countries its called ‘remaking’ or ‘adapting’. Yes y’all, its nothing new. Everyone do it. If dhivehi filmmakers wanna ‘remake’ the right way, as done in Hollywood, watch Amaanaaiy for inspiration or ideas. Congratulations Ted. And thanks for guiding our filmmakers in every aspect of filmmaking… every time. Now he has shown the right way for them on what they have been doing badly ever since the birth of this film industry. Keep up the good work Ted. Lord Take Me Now! and blueprint, don’t ever comment without doing research. Y’all suck!


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  • At 6:04 pm on Mon 5th March 2007,
  • Disgruntled wrote:

Is the Maldivian “Oscars” a testament to what is best about the Maldives film industry, or are they being too subtle to acknowledge that rather, the National Centre for Arts is awarding the LEAST-WORST FILMS?

blah blah blah…….


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  • At 8:29 pm on Sun 11th March 2007,
  • Mohamed Nasheed wrote:

Hello! Thank you very much for all the comments (36 in total) contributed to the blog post “Amaanai Dominates – Third National Film Awards” which the Ministry posted on 4 March 2007. The comments truly serve the purpose of creating Hyphen. The blog is to facilitate a conversation among interested friends so that it may guide the Ministry in shaping or reshaping its policies. NCA is planning to have the 4th National Film Awards, during December this year. Before that, Hussain will also revise the current rules governing the Awards. He will take the comments on this blog seriously during the revision process. He will also consult widely when the time comes. I have also suggested to Hussain that an educational component be incorporated into the process to avoid any unnecessary confusion or irritation. Those who have an interest in the revision process may want to prepare proposals in more depth and send them to Hussain at NCA or to me at the Ministry. Hussain, I am sorry if I have disclosed too early, the December Film Awards, and the revision of Awards rules. I thought I must say hello to the contributors and say thanks for their feedback. And the news just slipped. Thanks everyone. Keep writing and keep showing the way forward. Best regards always Mohamed Nasheed

Returning to this i wonder how much improvement we can hope for and what new entries we would see..
And adding to this, me n Ibrahim sharif are hopefully gonna make an entry ourselves and see what kinda comments we get o.o wish us luck.. tc all.

And comments are welcome on what u think about the Maldivian Film Industry and The MOVIES o.o!! haha