in memory of her

this girl said a really sad story abt her life changing from sadness 2 happiness.. yesterday nd i cudnt help but draw sth abt her x.x shez in a happy place now.. but i am in real trouble now..
cox i didn hav any paper.. so i stole a page from my lil sisters “personal” sketchbook.. o.o which she wudnt evn giv any1 to evn touch.. lol.. i cudnt hear a thing for the first 20 mins or so, became deaf to the sound of her horible squeaky scream.. -.-*
and abt the stupid fck of the drawing jz don laugh.. i knw its stupid and that the face is very very very disigured.. jz didn knw wat 2 do wiv i.. drew dat in 10 mns and photoshopd it in 70 mns^_^ hope u like it


~ by levitan on June 12, 2007.

7 Responses to “in memory of her”

  1. oh ho! =p

  2. awesome drawin:D even though u drew it in a hurry or sumthn..its really awesome. i love it.:)
    keep on drawing
    rock on

  3. in love with ur photoshoppin skills… very cool

  4. hehe salhi sketch eh! cool one!

  5. great color scheme

  6. ummmmm. well now i know y i am not the only one. kekekek keep it up and hope to see more of the meteor. tried it once but dint work foe me. kekeke

  7. hehe baybeee……its sooo koooool…O_O..

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