sloth pc driving me crazy*.*’

the things i do wen my pc is working like a sloth..
1.get bored
2.get bored
3.draw sth stupid
4.get bored again
5.get frustrated
6.think about hitting it
7.refrain from hitting it
8.check whether the coast is clear
9.kick the hell outa it
10.remind me of what a dumbass i am -.- after it keeps restarting again n again..
11.redo the work i already did and do the same thing starting frm 1 again..


~ by levitan on June 6, 2007.

One Response to “sloth pc driving me crazy*.*’”

  1. u kow maybeee…u shud tawk with the pc next time dho:P….heeh..jehyma pc luli anaane…dho hehe^_^

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