Funny blogs ive come across..

written in broken english.. it aint abt erotic sex stories.. juz makin fun of em.. damn is funny.. u shud really check this out..
this is one of the posts in the blog:

Ikuleela is driving her SUV in Male’

ikuleela, 31 years of age, 50kgs of butoks is driving her SUV in majedhe magu. Iku is caereful becaose its recently impoated and she is driving at 5cm per hour. iku isnt mind if hit pedestriean but not OK if other vehicle because Iku’s vehicle is scratch. iku sit behind wheel wearing her sunglases and staring like 80 degrees up and can barely see ahead because she isnt want to meet eyes with the rest if male’ and she is somewhere in a higher place driving her 50tonne truck.

iku’s armpit hair is tangled as she is strugling to steer her truck down male’ narow roads and in her strugle iku poos in her victoria secret penties. her niples harden as the red light goes on.. and her thighs quiver as her vehicle comes to a halt at the yelow line. much like the line on her penties inflicted by her runny blader..

iku cruises on and hits a motocicle. iku has a hurtattack becaose her vehicle is damage. later igmh doctor, Dr. Shiva Subheshvaran finds iku braindead and performs an autopsy on her using his lingam. Dr. Shubeshvarans seamen drips inside ikus vegina. and later that iku is declared dead and also pregnenet to an unknown indian doctor from igmh. Haveeru covers the story with much enthusiasm with hedlines. Minivan news also.

its iku’s birthday today and she is arive home from igmh redy for party. iku’s brother, Saleem, has a Countline chocolate cake with the words “Hapy biahtday iks” on it writen with icecream.

And abt this1.. its written in proper english.. but its funny 2..


~ by levitan on June 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Funny blogs ive come across..”

  1. Hhahhaha… I never read that blog before but recently one day i came across that blog and it was so damn funny i read it everyday now!! LOLZz… Its sooo funny!!

  2. hehehe ya It’s damn funny even dho in broken english. At the end veegoidho.:D

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