Why Maldivian movies suck so bad -.-*

Maldivians tend to do so little research on stuff b4 they do anything, they just use their instinct. And most times it sux..
In most of Maldivian movies the image wud be square, and this makes it look really bad. Instead if they use a panoama as in wide screen image, it would look very realistic and much beautiful, because to the human eye we see a panorama image.
Plus the Color grading sux, as in i don’t think they even started color grading before heyla, they used 2 think it was all in the lighting. Brave amateurs, they do their part.. hehe

I wonder WTF is in the mind of the people who do lighting for most of the Maldivian movies.. o.o Green light from right side, blue light from up, pink light from left, blue light from back..?? wtf is this.. o.o and to put the cherry on top of the ice cream.. they finally fill the whole image with a big flood light staring straight at the actors.. making such a huge shadow in the bg and also over exposing the lighting making it extra fake than it already is.
And the Directors in the field are very old, as in they don’t even care about the acting as long as the actors are over dramatic in acting.. this way the director cant say to the producer that they aren’t acting. And these old bums like tedry make the same ol love crap over n over again..
Sigh* y rnt they experimenting or trying something new!!
They have the equipment and they dunno wat 2 do with it.. sigh* wat a waste..
Its like, they build a boat, and it sinks due to using for so many times.. and they build another new ship and when they make a new ship o.o they use it ‘again’ and ‘again’ till it sinks too..
Try something new idiots!! don’t keep on doing the same thing over n over n over again.. pfft..


~ by levitan on June 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Why Maldivian movies suck so bad -.-*”

  1. eheheh u have researched a lot about it dho. Ya the quality and the lightings is very bad. hope they cud make it better. šŸ™‚

  2. wheres Captain Jack Sparrow? – where did u get that image

    gave up on maldives movies long time ago
    let me know if u find a good one

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