Geathering Ideas here..

We are creating a concept for a horror flick, and we are collecting scary stuff.. to add to the visuals and concept..
The Concept is like a series of events so anything could happen including unexplainable events and sightings..
so far we have jinni’s, ghost, vigani, dark unexplainable figures, beasts, demonic behavior, possession, fanditha, insects and bugs, unexplainable weathers inculding storms and stuff.. scary sceneries..

so if any1 out there could contribute wat they think could be scary.. will be a great help for us in making this better…


~ by levitan on June 3, 2007.

One Response to “Geathering Ideas here..”

  1. i suggest nothin
    its much creepier if u dont see what it is just give a hint its there
    well if ur lookin for something those antique dolls kinda things really creep me out
    n if ur lookin for a video
    i gota video of a really creepy little girl

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